Win more with Pureloto

  • Play your 5 grids each day

    Come every day of the week to play 5 grids per day on Pureloto. You’ll multiply your chances by 35, which is quite nice!

  • Play everyday to participate up to 7 draws

    Playing every day, you participate in seven draws and you earn more points, allowing you access to a selection of more fantastic gifts.

  • Bring your friends to win the jackpot!

    Win up to $ 50,000
    You can change your life and that of your friends by inviting them to join you. And to thank you for your kindness, we offer you to win up to $ 50,000 in gifts.

    So, what do I win?
    From 1 to 5 registered friends = 250 points per friend.

    Your friend wins = you win the gift of your choice depending on your level in the game, up to $ 10,000.

    If you invite 5 friends, you increase your chances of winning by 5 and you get 1250 points for choosing even more beautiful gift.

    Your friends also benefit
    Your friends, by registering with you, gain 250 points also. Now that's what we call friendship, letting them know of a good deal!

  • You'll win more than money and prizes

    Thanks to you, Pureloto finances public actions of common interest. You help us make the world a better place and we hope that someday, one of your friends or relatives will benefit from those actions.