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  • Our goal.

    We strive to make the world a better place by giving everyone, no matter their origin, a chance to change their life and that of others.

  • Who are we?

    OTI is Swiss-based company with a capital of 100,000 CFH.

    Head Quarter :
    Avenue du midi, 37
    1700 FRIBOURG

    The director of the company is Bastian Bron

    To Consult legal informations.

  • How does it work.

    Select 10 numbers out of a 100-number grid on Pureloto. Each member can play up to 5 grids per day, 35 per week.

    After all the grids are played according to the rules of the game, a draw is organized each week under the supervision of a bailiff. If you played the same combination, you win a prize according to your rank and the number of winners.

    We also offer an automatic draw to win one prize per day. No need to subscribe, you are systematically selected if you’ve played 5 (five) grids within the same day.

    Check out the prize list

  • How is a week defined?

    A week starts Monday at 00H 00M 00S and ends Sunday at 23H 59M 59S

    H : Hour
    M : Minute
    S : Second

    We use our server’s time which is located on the Coordinated Universal Time .

    Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

  • What are your guarantees?

    To make sure you’ll receive what you won, we subscribed to an insurance policy with Cabinet Pilliot

    Cabinet Pilliot

    19 BD de SAINT MARTIN,
    62120 AIRE SUR LA LYS

    Insurance certificate

    ORIAS number : 09 050 873
    (site web ORIAS www.orias.org)

    Each draw is done under the supervision of a French bailiff.

    32 rue de Malte
    75011 Paris

    Contact :http://www.albouyana.com/ecrivez-nous/

  • How do I know I won?

    It’s simple, just log into your account and check if the numbers you played match the winning ones.

  • About the draw.

    The draw is done under the supervision of a bailiff and witnessed by a Pureloto’s collaborator.

    Each draw validation is recorded to make sure of its authenticity and respects the members and Pureloto and its partners.

  • When will I receive my gifts?

    For the gifts requiring the intervention of our insurance policy, some verifications will be made to make sure you’re the one entitled to the prize.

    It is absolutely necessary that you provide the correct identity information. These information help us identify yourself and avoid money laundering.

    As for the draw winners, the prizes are sent within 7 (seven) days after we receive a copy of two different proofs of ID and a proof of address.

    This is to make sure we avoid spam, multiple subscriptions and any kind of fraud.

  • How do you finance the website?

    It is financed thanks to the advertising.

  • Will you sell my information?

    No, we won’t sell your information to anyone.

  • Will you spam me?

    No, we won’t sell the email addresses of our members.
    We won’t sell any kind of information.
    We strongly disapprove spamming.

  • Rules of the game

    You can read the rules of games here.