Rules of the game

Article I: Organization and Context

1.1 - Organization of the Game

The OTI Company with a capital of 100,000 CHF and registered in Fribourg under No. Fed. CH- 217.3.550.504 - 5 headquartered at Avenue du Midi 37, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland (herein referred to as the "Company Organizer", "Organizer" or "Sponsor") is organizing a free game with no obligation to purchase entitled "Pureloto" May 5th 2014 at 0:00:01 GMT and January 27th 2015 until 23:59 (twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes) Greenwich Mean Time (hereafter referred to as the "Game"). The ending date of the game may be extended.

Information about the Game may need to be relayed via social networks, platforms, applications or pages of Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google and/or Microsoft. This is not an exhaustive list. These companies are not organizers, co-organizers, partners or sponsors of the Game. Personal data that is collected at registration or during the course of the Game is to be used by the Game Organizer and is not for use by Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft or any other company's social network, platform, application or pages where the Game may be relayed.

1.2 - Context of the Game

The Organizer sets this game up on behalf of the Pureloto site. This is a lottery with commercial advertising that requires no obligation to purchase. Weekly sessions are held for the duration of the Game.

The Game takes place exclusively on the Internet at Each session of the Contest starts on Monday at 0:00:00 Greenwich Mean Time and ends the following Sunday at 23:59:59 Greenwich Mean Time.

The Game is announced via, street marketing and media campaigns. The Organizer reserves the right to use any other means of promotion.

The website is hosted in France. The draws are being conducted in England verified by a French court bailiff and the Game is subject to French law.

Any masculine pronouns used in reference to the participant in this text simply refer to participants in general. Participants should in no way interpret the use of masculine pronouns as an implication of discrimination. The Organizer does not restrict participation in the Game based on gender.

Article II: Participation

Registration in the Competition implies unconditional acceptance and compliance with the provisions of these regulations. The rules of the Game are available on the website at registration and at any time during the Game at The Organizer has the final decision on all cases of misinterpretation of these regulations.

Participants who choose to reject all or part of these regulations have the option to refrain from participating in the Game. Participation in the game implies that the participant agrees with all of the regulations outlined here.

2.1 - Conditions of Entrance in the Game

Participation in the Competition is open to any physical person who has access to an Internet connection and a valid email address except:

  • permanent and casual employees, representatives and officers of the Organizing Company
  • permanent and casual employees, representatives and officers of the company controlled by or controlling the Organizer
  • permanent and casual employees, representative and officers of its partners
  • permanent and casual employees, representative and officers of its subcontractors
  • permanent and casual employees, representative and officers of its legal representatives
  • any person who has directly or indirectly contributed to the organization, realization, implementation or promotion of the Game including, but not exhaustive to, members of the marketing company Ludilex
  • permanent and casual employees and representatives of the solicitors involved in the operation of the Game
  • family members of any of the above including parents, children and extended family and spouses by marriage, civil union or non-marital partners that are not recognized by law

Participation in the Game is banned for anyone who is considered to be a minor in their home country. Winners are required to provide proof of age and identity before receiving their prize by sending to the the Organizer. An identification card or passport or any other legal document justifying the name and age of the winners.

Any user outside of France who wants to participate in the Game is responsible for ensuring that the operation is legal in their country of residence and that participation in the Game does not violate any law of the country from which the user is accessing the website.

If participation in the Game is not allowed, the user should not participate. The Organizing Company declines all responsibility in the event that a user participates despite this warning and violates laws of the user's country of residence.

Participation is limited to five (5) grids per day per participant and 35 (thirty-five) grids per week per participant.

Participation is strictly personal. The participant may not play using other names or on the behalf of others under any circumstances. All entries that are incomplete, incorrect, received past the deadline or made using an unofficial form will be considered invalid.

Participation in the Game is exclusively electronic in nature and is done via the form and webpages referred to in this text. Registration by phone, fax, mail or email will not be taken into account. Each participant must have completed all of the fields of the form in a comprehensive and comprehensible manner.

It is understood that a participant is defined as a unique individual. Multiple forms received from the same participant will be considered to be a fraud attempt and will result in the disqualification of the participant.

It is strictly forbidden for a participant to play from an account opened for the benefit of another person. A single account must be maintained by an individual participant. Entries made via a single or temporary email address such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] will not be considered to be valid and will be excluded from receiving any prize. This is a non-exhaustive list of disallowed entry formats. Entries must be made via the website in order to be considered valid for the purposes of winning a prize.

2.2 - Validity of Participation

The information and details provided by the participant as proof of identity must be valid and true under penalty of exclusion from the Game and loss of any prizes won during the Game. In is strictly prohibited for the participant to modify or attempt to modify the Game is any way so as to modify or influence the results of the contest through automation. This restriction applies to any means that the user may utilize to influence the results of the Game.

Automated search tools and the use of algorithms constitutes fraud. Any other means of influencing the outcome of the Game will be considered to be fraud. If it is discovered that a participant has been selected to win a prize as a result of violating this regulation, the prize will not be awarded and will remain the property of the Organizer without prejudice to any proceedings that may be brought against the participant by the Company Organizer or third parties.

Article III : Terms

3.1 - Game Mechanics

Any person meeting the conditions of participation set out in Section 2.1 of these regulations and wishing to participate in the Game must:

  • Log on at
  • Fill out and submit the registration form or use their unique account identifier if they have one
  • Check 10 (ten) numbers in at least one (1) lotto grid which consists of 100 (one hundred) numbers

Participants must indicate their civility, name, email address, country of residence and date of birth when filling out the entry form. Participants must read the rules of the game and Terms of Use of the website before participating in the Game. Registering at confirms that the participant has read, understood and accepted these regulations. Any changes made to these regulations or the Terms of Use are considered to be accepted by the participant when he continues to play the Game after these changes have been made.

Validation of the entries in each session of the Game must be made prior to the end of the session. This means that validation must occur before Sunday evening at 23:59:59 Greenwich Mean Time. Only participants who have had their grids validated before this deadline will be considered for the draw that is held on Monday of each week.

It is specified that the Organizer is obliged to conduct a draw for each game session and that the obligation isn’t subject to any period of time and that obligation is confined within no time, the choice Monday as a day of drawing is shown for reference only. Thus the responsibility of the Organiser shall not be liable, for any reason, if the draw and / or communicating the results of a session of the Game comes a day other than the Monday following the close of the session of the Game .

3.2 - Sponsorship and Promotion of the Game

The Organizer reserves the right to implement a system of any nature that will allow participants to invite their family members to participate in the Game. The participants can then decide if they wish to invite some of their relatives to register for the game. In this case, participants may be required to provide the email addresses of their relatives for use by the Organizer. The Organizer will only use these email addresses to send out an invitation to participate in the Game at the prompt of the participant.

The participant takes the initiative and the responsibility to provide the email addresses of relatives for the sending of such an invitation. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain the prior informed consent of the holders of the email addresses that are provided to the Organizer. The Organizer is acting on a prompt received by a participant and may use the name of the participant when sending out invitation messages.

The entrant releases the Organizer from all liability related to the collection of these email addresses and the sending of invitations to relatives of the participant.

The participant who connected the Organiser with one or more participants, designated in this case as the "Godfather", will choose one (1) new participant described as "Godson".

The number of Godsons by Godfather is limited to five (5).

Article IV : Designation of Winners

1. Winners ranks 1 and 2

The drawing of 10 winning numbers from 100 numbers will be monitored weekly after the expiration of each session by a solicitor or clerk from SELARL AY, Eric Albou & Carolle Yana who has been authorized to do so.

2. Winners additional batches

A daily draw conducted by the Organizer’s team will also designate one (1) winner of one (1) additional prize for every 300,000 participants who have played the same day at least 5 (five) grids.

It is clarified that in case of fraud or attempted fraud, such as, without limitation, hacking databases of the Organiser, drawings winners rows 1 and 2 or winners of the additional prizes can be canceled.

Article V : Staffing

1. Staffing winners rows 1 and 2

For Lotto:
Rank 1 (10 correct numbers): 10 (ten) million U.S. dollars (U.S. $) that is divided among all winners in this rank
Rank 2 (9 winning numbers): 1 (one) million U.S. dollars (U.S. $) that is divided among all winners in this rank

In the case where several players have checked the winning numbers, there will be a sharing of the earnings according to rank.

The currency of account and settlement of the Game is the U.S. dollar (U.S. $). The participant is responsible for paying exchange costs if he does not have a bank account in U.S. dollars (U.S. $). All expenses charged by the bank for the transfer of winnings must be paid by the participant.

2. Staffing winners additional batches

a. List of additional batches

As indicated in section IV of this Regulation, per 300 000 participants who participated in the game one day, among the participants who played five (5) grids in the same day, one participant will earn one (1) additional prize with a minimum unit market value of U.S. $ 5 tax (hereinafter referred to as "complementary Winner").

Depending on the number of points the Complementary winner will have, to the day where he has played the five (5) grids allowing him to earn an additional prize, the latter shall be entitled to an additional batch of a minimum unit commercial value of more than U.S. $ 5 TTC, among the prize list on site as specified in the following table:

RankMinimum number of points per levelMinimum value of the prize
105 US$
250020 US$
31 00030 US$
42 00050 US$
53 00080 US$
64 000140 US$
75 000200 US$
810 000300 US$
915 000400 US$
1020 000500 US$
1125 000700 US$
1230 000800 US$
1340 0001 000 US$
1450 0001 300 US$
15150 0001 700 US$
16200 0002 000 US$
17300 0003 000 US$
18400 0005 000 US$
19500 00010 000 US$
201 000 00020 000 US$

Photographs or graphics depicting endowments are used for illustrative purposes only and can in no way be considered contractual. In is expressly understood that the Organizer only delivers the prizes won and does not act as a producer, manufacturer, supplier, vendor or distributor of these prizes. The Organizer cannot be held liable for any problems in the use of these prizes.


- In the event that one of the prizes contains a default that causes the prize to malfunction, the Organizing Company cannot be held liable for any problems in the use of the prize. The winner in this case must contact that manufacturer to request a replacement of the item or to file a complaint. Winners are advised to consult the user manual before using any prizes to ensure proper use. Winners can receive a user manual or instructions for use from the manufacturer or consult Internet tutorials to learn about proper use.

- Prizes that consist of one or more services including travel, accommodation, participation in an event or any other non-physical item include reservations and payment with select providers that are made by the Organizer. The service is subject to conditions of use of the service including terms and conditions, rules, constraints and other regulations. The winner is responsible for acquainting himself with these regulations. The Company Organizer cannot be held responsible for any issue the winner has with enjoying the service that is provided as part of the prize package.

Winners and their guests are responsible for directly contacting the service provider to make any claims or complaints against the provider.

Prizes that consist of entrance, invitations or tickets to cultural or sporting events must be used by the winner unless outlined in the regulations. Winners are not allowed to transfer these prizes to other people. In the case that the winner is unavailable at the time of a cultural or sporting event, the winner will not be compensated for his inability to use the prize.

Prizes that consist of a trip or holiday allow the winner to choose dates of travel at the discretion of the participant. However, restrictions on travel dates may apply. These restrictions will be stated in the regulations. If the winner is not available to travel on the available travel dates, the winner loses his prize and is not entitled to compensation for his inability to travel during these dates.

It is the sole responsibility of the winner to determine whether he must obtain passports or valid visas in order to complete the travel offered as a prize. It is also the responsibility of the winner to ensure that immunizations required for travel to certain locations are kept current. Insurance is not included in the prize package.

The winner must take the full necessary steps to organize the trip and keep the planning process on schedule. Paperwork, health exams, documentation, releases of liability, contractual documents, provisions and any other documents needed to complete travel must be properly gathered and filed by the winner. If the winner misses deadlines, fails to complete the paperwork necessary to travel or does not complete one more more of the supporting administrative procedures or health exams that must be completed, the winner will lose the benefit of his prize. No compensation will be provided to the winner in this case.

- Any damage, destruction or loss related to the use of equipment, premises or property used during the enjoyment of the prize is the sole responsibility of the winner and his guest(s). There is no insurance included with prizes unless otherwise specified. If the prize offers the winner an opportunity to allow one or more guests to accompany him during the enjoyment of a service won as part of the prize package, the winner is responsible for communicating all of the provisions found in these regulations to each guest. Each guest must accept these provisions before accompanying a winner.

Unless otherwise specified, guests cannot be minors. If the participation of minors is allowed, these guests are the sole responsibility of the winner. The Organizer is discharged of all liability related to the enjoyment of the prize.

Furthermore, it is expressly understood that the Organiser has an obligation of means in the delivery of prizes won and therefore cannot be held liable if the delivery batch is impossible (hereinafter referred to as "Impossible Delivery ")

Impossible delivery will be characterized in the following cases:

- The Complementary Winner does not reside in an area covered by the delivery service the Organiser deals with.

- Customs fees at the entrance of the additional prize in the country of residence of the Complementary winner exceeded 10% of the minimum unit commercial value;

- The cost of deliver of the additional prize, from France to the home of the Complementary Winner, exceeded 10% of the minimum unit commercial value

- The technical characteristics of the additional prize are incompatible with the technical characteristics of the country of domicile of the Complementary Winner

- Regulations of the country of domicile of the Complementary Winner prohibits the importation of the additional prize.

- More generally, in all cases where the issue of the additional prize is incurring the Organiser:

    ºfinancial or legal risks.
    ºfinancial support for more than 10% of the commercial value of the additional prize won.

In the event of an Impossible delivery of the additional prize chosen by the Complementary winner, the Organiser will send a list of additional prizes for which the issue is possible, among which the Additional Winner will choose an additional prize of substitution.

In the extraordinary event that the Organizer is unable to provide a list of additional prizes of which the issue is possible to the Complementary winner, the latter will notify the Organiser their bank details or an office of a company specializing in money transfers, such as Western Union for example, to which the Organiser will donate an amount equal to the minimum of the complementary prize unitary commercial value won by the additional winner.

In the latter case it is recalled that the currency of account and settlement of the Game is the U.S. dollar (U.S. $). The participant shall take upon themselves the exchange costs and accessories if they do not have a bank account in U.S. dollars (U.S. $) and all other costs that the bank would charge the participant or the company specialized in bank transfers.

b) method of allocating points to the Complementary winner to earn an extra prize of minimum unit retail value of more than U.S. $ 5 TTC

Players will be awarded points per number of grids played, number of winning numbers played by grid, for pureday days, by sponsorship and loyalty bonus according to the following table:

Number of points earned by grid played:10 points
Number of points earned by the number of good number played per grid:
8 good numbers out of 100 per grid played 500 000 points
7 good numbers out of 100 per grid played 100 000 points
6 good numbers out of 100 per grid played 5 000 points
5 good numbers out of 100 per grid played 2 000 points
4 good numbers out of 100 per grid played 1 000 points
3 good numbers out of 100 per grid played 500 points
2 good numbers out of 100 per grid played 100 points
1 good number out of 100 per grid played 10 points
Nombre of points earned by pureday :Double the points earned by grid played
Number of referrals points:
By godon registered250 points
Number of points earned by the loyalty bonus:
By participating in the Game thirty days in a row300 points

c) Limitation of the opportunity to earn one (1) additional prize from a 30 (thirty) days timeframe

A complementary winner may not win more than one (1) additional prize for every 30 (thirty) days. Thus, in the event that a complimentary winner is again drawn to the gain of an additional lot within 30 (thirty) days of the drawing which awarded him an additional prize, the Organiser will hold a new draw (or more) to designate a winner who has not won an additional prize within 30 (thirty) days before.

This limitation is partitioned to the gain of additional prizes and has no impact on the allocation of the “Referral advantage” prize.

d) “Referral advantage” prize

When a Complementary Winner is a godson, his godfather wins the additional prize of his choice according to the number of points available on the day before the draw designating his godson Complementary Winner (hereinafter "Referral Advantage prize") in the limits of one (1) Referral Advantage prize per godson and a maximum unit market value of U.S. $ 10,000, and to the dual condition that the godson Complementary Winner was registered at for less than one (1) year and the his godfather has validated at least five (5) grids within 30 (thirty) days before the draw designating his godson Complementary Winner.

It is specified that the godfather cannot sponsor more than 5 (five) new entrants.

Article VI : Presentation of Prizes Won

Winners will be notified via email by the Organizer. The method of claiming the prize will the specified in the email. If winners do not reply to the message confirming acceptance of the prize within 15 (fifteen) days after the notification email has been sent, the winner forfeits his right to the prize. The winning claim will be cancelled entirely in this case. Winners who do not reply to the notification email within this time period have no recourse to request that prizes be awarded.

In the event that any of the contact information provided by the winner is deemed to be false or incorrect in any way, the Organizing Company cannot be held responsible for locating the winner. The winner will lose his claim to the prize and will not receive any type of compensation. The entire prize will be cancelled in this case.

The prize may be reassigned to a new winner after verification of the eligibility of other winning participants as long as the Organizer is not required to perform a systematic review to locate an alternate winner.

Prizes are strictly assigned to one person and are non-transferable. Transferring the prize to a third person is prohibited. Winners are not entitled to a cash refund or any type of compensation if they attempt to transfer the prize to another person.

In the case of an unexpected event that makes it impossible for the Organizer to award the prize that has been assigned to a winner (except in case of “Impossible delivery”), the Organizer reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal value. Winners authorize verification of their identity, age, home mailing address, email address and IP (Internet Protocol) address. Any information that is found to be false during the verification process invalidates the winner's participation in the Game and will free the Organizer of any obligation to provide the winner with compensation.

Winners must comply with any administrative or fiscal formalities that apply in their country of residence. Regulations set forth by a winner's country of residence must be adhered to by the winner in order for the prize to be collected. The Organizer is in no way liable for breach of these regulations or a failure to properly execute the procedures required to collect a prize in the winner's country of residence. Winners who fail to comply with these regulations will not be offered compensation by the Organizer.

Article VII: Advertising and Promotion of Winners

Acceptance of a prize authorizes the Organizer to use the name and city of residence of winners in any promotional event associated with the game in any country and using any existing or future medium. Use of this information for promotional purposes does not require the Organizer to provide additional compensation to the winner. The Organizer reserves the right to use this information for promotional purposes for a period of one (1) year.

Winners who do not want the Organizer to use their information for advertising must send a written request to exclude this information from promotions to the following address within one (1) month of the announcement of their win:

Game Pureloto

Avenue du Midi, 37 
1700 - Fribourg 

9, rue du Quatre Septembre
75002 Paris

Article VIII: Filing of Settlement

This regulation shall be filed with the solicitors at SELARL AY Eric Albou & Carolle Yana in Paris at 32 Rue de Malte 75011.

The settlement is sent free of charge to anyone who submits a written request by mail before the closing date of the game at the following address:

Game Pureloto

Avenue du Midi, 37
1700 - Fribourg 

9, rue du Quatre Septembre
75002 Paris

The complete rules can also be viewed online at There may be discrepancies between the version of these regulations that is filed with the solicitor and the version that is available online or through any other means. The version of these regulations that has been filed with the solicitor prevails in all cases.

Article IX: Amendment of the Regulations

The rules may be changed at any time in the form of an amendment made by the Organizer. The amendment will be published on the website of the Game and filed with the solicitor. These amended regulations will be enacted after the new regulations have been posted online and accepted by each participant. The date that the amendment is made is the date that the regulations are enforceable. Any participant who does not accept the amended regulations must cease to participate in the Game.

Article X: Game Reimbursement 

  1. Terms of Repayment

    Participation in the Competition is free. Anyone who would like a reimbursement for participation in the Game, a reimbursement for postal or photocopying costs associated with viewing the regulations or would like to obtain a copy of the regulations must submit an application that is postmarked no later than 30 days after the closing date of the Game to the following address:

    OTI SA
    Game Pureloto

    Avenue du Midi, 37
    1700 - Fribourg 

    9, rue du Quatre Septembre
    75002 Paris

    This request must clearly state the participant's full name, complete mailing address and date and hour of participation in the Game. The refund request must be accompanied by a copy of the participant's identification card, a RIB or RIP RICE with the associated IBAN and SWIFT BIC if applicable and a copy of the participant's invoice from an Internet service provider. Information about the participant's Internet service provider must outline the method used to access the Internet, the billing mode and the date and time corresponding with the participant's connection when actively participating in the Game. This relevant information must be clearly underlined or highlighted by the participant.

    Game participants may not submit a claim for reimbursement for computer hardware that is used to access the Game. It is agreed that participants have either subscribed to an access plan or purchased this hardware for general personal use. Computer hardware is not deemed to be a purchase made for the sole purpose of participating in the Game.

    Correspondence with incomplete information, illegible documentation or postage due will not be taken into account. One rebate application per registered participant in the Game and per envelope is allowed. 

  2. Amount of Reimbursement of Internet Connection

    The cost of the Internet connection used to access rules and participate in the Game will be refunded according to the actual costs incurred by the participant to complete these actions.

  3. Amount of Refund For Postage and Photocopies of Supporting Documents

    The cost of postage associated with a refund request or a request for a copy of the rules will be reimbursed based on the postage rate for a letter weighing 20 g. Photocopying costs for any supporting documentation sent to the Organizer will be reimbursed using a rate of 0.15 € TTC per sheet.

  4. Repayment Terms

    Reimbursement will be made by check, bank transfer or postage stamps within 60 days of the receipt of the request. The Organizer reserves the right to select the method of reimbursement. Verification of the validity of the application will be established using information provided by the participant during registration. Reimbursement will not be sent until this information is verified.

The Organizer will not be obligated to provide a refund if the participant did not act in accordance with the regulations. Requests that are not made following the guidelines or that do not meet the deadlines listed above will not be honored.

The Organizer has the necessary technical means to demonstrate whether or not a user has participated in the Game. It is therefore agreed that the data contained in the systems that the Organizer uses has probative value in relation to the information used throughout the duration of the Game.

Article XI: Responsibilities

Participation in the Game implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet. This includes a lack of protection of certain data against possible misuse or piracy. The risk of contamination by viruses circulating around the network is an inherent risk of Internet use.

The Organizer and technical service (hereafter referred to as the "Company Service") do not assume any direct or indirect liability for misuse or incidents related to the use of a computer or Internet access. Maintenance issues or malfunction of the Game servers, problems with the telephone line or any other technical connection or an error made by the user when sending incomplete forms or using the wrong address are not the fault of the Organizer or Company Service.

The Organizer shall not be held liable for any material or intangible damage caused to participants, their computer equipment or data stored within the the computer or website. All possible implications of personal, professional or business damage sustained by participants is not the fault of the Organizer.

It is up to each individual participant to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data stored on their computer equipment against any attack. The participant is responsible for their connection to the site and any activity related to participation in the Game.

The Organizing Company and Service Company cannot be held responsible for fraudulent use of personal connections established through the website unless it can be demonstrated that gross negligence on the part of the Organizer or Service Company occurred. 

The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who aims to alter the course of inclusion in the Game. The Organizer also reserves the right to cancel, shorten, modify, extend or suspend the Game if the computer servers used to run the Game malfunction due to viruses, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other cause that could affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Game.

Malfunctions of the computer system could result in notifications of a win that are not valid. These notifications are considered to be null and void. The Organizer is not responsible for awarding prizes based on errors in the computer system. The Organizer is only obligated to award prizes in accordance with the regulations.

The Organizer will use its best efforts to provide access to the Game. However, the Organizer does not guarantee that the website and/or the Game will work without interruption. The Organizer also does not guarantee that there will be no computer errors or defects that must be corrected.

The Organizer has the option to perform maintenance on the site at any time for any reason. Access to the website may be restricted or impossible during these times. The Organizer and Service Company will in no way be responsible for these interruptions or their consequences. No compensation will be available for the consequences of site maintenance.

Participants are advised that accessing the Game website may result in the storage of a cookie on their hard drive. This is a small computer file that is used to record navigation on the website of the Game. Cookies are used to identify each participant to enable faster access to information. Cookies do not cause damage to the data on a participant's computer.

Participants may avoid the use of cookies or choose to be notified when a cookie is stored on the hard drive by configuring their browser. The participant is advised that information about configuring his browser to disallow cookies can be found in the Terms of Use of this website. Disallowing cookies will not affect a participant's ability to access the Game website and participate in the Game.

The Organizer shall not be held liable for a malfunction in the Internet or any delay, loss or damage resulting from the use of postal services. Its liability shall in no event be retained in the case of delivery problems or loss of mail or email. Any unclaimed prize or prize that is returned to the Organizer by the postal service within 15 (fifteen) days of notification will be forfeited by the participant. The Organizer has no responsibility in relation to the use or non-use of a prize that is awarded to a participant.

The global nature of the Internet and its lack of territorial limitation requires each participant to adhere to unique laws that apply in the participant's country of residence. Participants must demonstrate to the Organizer that they have the necessary authorizations and permissions to enable the individual to participate freely in an online game. State and national laws must be adhered to by the participant. The Organizer is released of responsibility in this regard.

The Organizer shall not be disturbed in any way whatsoever in the event that a participant attempts to circumvent prohibitions or restrictions on access to the Internet in some countries.

Article XII: Data Protection

Personal information that is collected in connection with participation in the Game is treated in accordance with the Act "Loi Informatiqu et Libertés" of January 6, 1978 and August 6, 2004. Game participants have a right to access, modify, remove or correct data related to the Game according to Section 27 of the Act. Any requests to access, modify, remove or correct data must be made in writing and sent to the following address:

Game Pureloto

Avenue du Midi, 37 
1700 - Fribourg 

9, rue du Quatre Septembre
75002 Paris

Participants will be asked to provide consent for information to be used by the Promoter and/or its partners. This information is utilized to better serve and inform participants about new products or services that may be of interest.

The Organizer may process the data traffic, connection to the website and the IP addresses of participants in order to establish site usage statistics. These statistics are used to ensure the safety of the website and to verify the accuracy and fairness of all participation activity in the Game. Statistics are also used to ensure that all participant activity is done in compliance with the regulations. The Organizer uses these statistics to determine whether any participant is using an automated query on the website or any portion of the Game to change the outcome of the game or send out automated invitations to third parties.

Participants who are found to be using automated queries will be systematically excluded from the Game. The participant in this case may be prosecuted by the Organizer or any third parties. The Organizer shall make public data available to third parties or authorities when conditions of the law deem this allowance to be appropriate.

Article XIII: Intellectual Property Rights

The images used on the site of the Game, all objects represented on the website, trademarks and trade names mentioned, graphics, computer components and databases comprising the site of the Game are all exclusive property of their respective owners and cannot be extracted, reproduced or used without the express written consent of these owners under penalty of civil and/or criminal authority.

Any resemblance that the characters or elements of the game bear in relation to other fictional characters or other elements of existing games is purely coincidental. The Organizer and its providers cannot be held liable for any unintentional resemblances.

Article XIV : Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Participation in this Competition implies unconditional acceptable of these regulations and all of the stipulations outlined therein. Participants expressly accept all ethical rules on the Internet including netiquette, code of conduct and other established regulations. All laws and regulations that are enforced in the French territory including all provisions for games and lotteries must be accepted unconditionally by all participants.

Participants have the option to submit a telephone or written request for an interpretation of these regulations and all procedures related to the Game. A list of winners is also available upon request. 

Any disputes should be submitted via registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt that indicates that the correspondence was sent within 30 days of the end of the Game. It is agreed that the information collected and stored by the Organizer and/or Service Company shall have probative force in any dispute except in cases of obvious errors.

Participants are expected to present a friendly and gracious appeal to the Organizer before taking any action related to these regulations. This is particularly applicable in regards to the application and interpretation of these regulations.

Participants are subject to French regulations applying to games and contests. Any dispute which may be settled amicably shall be brought before the competent Paris courts except when provisions outlined in public policy prohibit it.

If any provision of this regulation is deemed to be null and void, the negation of this provision in no way affects the validity, strength or scope of the regulation itself or any of the other clauses contained within the regulation.

Article XV : Important Notice

These ‘Rules of the game’ are an English translation of the French ‘Règlement du jeu’. Should any discrepancies arise between the texts, the French text shall prevail.